HECTOR COSTITA (clarinet, sax)
Born in Argentina, the legendary Costita was one of the leading names for bossa nova and samba jazz in Brazil in the 1960s with a fabulous and international career.
ARI GIORGI (piano)
Owner of a unique swing style,
Ari Giorgi's piano was shaped by masters Duke Ellington and Teddy Wilson. Ari is one of the most sought after swing pianists in Brazil, and has been performing on the jazz scene since the mid-1970s.
One of the great bassists of brazilian trad-jazz, Zeca participated in some of the main Brazilian bands of the style. He has been on the scene since the 70s.
Drummer of the brazilian swing-jazz scene, Billy produced the acclaimed Cd "Pioneiros do Jazz Paulistano" in 2013, featuring memorable performances by Tito Martino, Hector Costita and André Busic.

Photos by Elena Moccagatta